Ignite Presenter Resources

If you're one of the selected presenters for our Ignite session on Tuesday, June 6, here's an easy countdown for preparation.

6 – 5 Weeks Prior:

  • View the Ignite preparation video:

    4 Weeks Prior:

    • Think about your topic and write down everything you potentially want to communicate.
    • Group your words into “slides” to start to get a feeling for what you what to say in each 15-second block. Write down two or three points you want to make during each slide.
    • Using this outline, say your presentation out loud to yourself. If you find you’re trying to cover too much, start to pare down your words.
    • Focus on two or three main ideas for your presentation and start to group the slides around these points.
    • Pay attention to the transitions from one point to the next so there is a good flow throughout the presentation.
    • Start thinking about the visuals you will use.

    3 Weeks Prior:  

    • Begin creating your slides using a slide template with the auto-advance already programmed.
    • Use the “Notes” feature to capture the words you planning to say with each slide.
    • Add images and words to the slides. Remember that pictures work much better with Ignite presentations than words.
    • Keep the words on your slides to a minimum. If you have a lot of text, the audience will spend the 15 seconds reading the slide instead of listening to you.
    • Start to practice with your slides, looking for areas for improvement.

    2 Weeks Prior:

    • Continue practicing with your slides, adding or removing information as needed to improve the flow.
    • Deliver the presentation to someone else and ask them for feedback. Remember to set the slides to auto-advance every 15 seconds (if you’re not using a preprogrammed template).
    • Mimic the session environment by standing when you speak and imagining the audience in front of you.
    • Make any final changes to your slides.
    • Keep practicing – it’ll pay off in the end!

    1 Week Prior:

    • Upload your final PPT slides by Monday, May 29th.
    • Email your intro to Mark Milroy () (2-3 sentences – something fun, not your CV)
    • Keep practicing.

    Day of Session:  

    • The Ignite session is on Tuesday, June 6th from 8:00 – 9:30 AM. in Hall 4A, located on the 4th level of the Washington State Convention Center.
    • Please be in the room 15 minutes before the session so we can go over any last-minute details.
    • We’ll get your microphones set up and go through the flow once more to make sure you feel comfortable.
    • Take a deep breath and feel great knowing that you’re prepared. Now it’s time to have fun!!

    If you have any questions, at 703-846-0741.