Student Posters

The deadline for submitting student posters has passed. Thank you!


Why submit a poster?

You can download a worksheet  to help assist you with your submission!

The American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exposition (AIHce) is considered the most important event of the year among occupational and environmental health and safety professionals. Nearly 4,000 industrial hygienists, occupational health professionals, EHS specialists, safety professionals, risk management professionals, and others responsible for safety, health, and the environment at their organization are expected to convene in Seattle for six days of world-class education and networking opportunities.

As a student, it’s hard to find opportunities to let others in the field know that you’re preparing to enter the workforce when you complete your studies. Displaying a poster at a major conference like AIHce is a fantastic way to gain visibility for your research and your ideas. It demonstrates your expertise in the subject and brings notice to you, your mentor, and your institution. Preparing a quality poster also showcases your attention to detail and deepens your understanding of the topic. Designing and creating a poster takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it.

During a poster session you have the opportunity to engage in discussions with the people who stop by to view your work. You get to practice speaking about your research, which develops your ability to present a concise summary of your work, both visually and orally. This is an incredibly important skill to have when you enter the workforce. The interactions you have during a poster session can help you make connections with professionals in the field, letting them see what you’d be like as a potential co-worker or collaborator.

How do I submit a poster proposal?

The first step in the process is to secure approval from your faculty advisor to submit a poster proposal. Once you have approval, access the online form for submitting a student poster proposal. There is also a downloadable worksheet you can use to prepare your proposal offline, from which you can then copy and paste the information into the online submission form. The deadline for submitting proposals is Friday, March 31 at 11:59 PM Eastern. Work with your advisor to make sure the information is in its final form. There will be no revisions allowed after the deadline. Make sure your advisor knows that you have submitted your proposal.

What happens once I submit my proposal?

Student poster proposals are reviewed and selection decisions are made by a panel of AIHA member college and university faculty members in industrial hygiene, public health, and other related disciplines. Once you receive notice that your proposal has been approved you can begin creating your poster.

If your proposal is accepted you will receive information with the specifications for creating your poster. You will need to submit a digital version of your poster to AIHA by May 17 and bring a physical poster for display at AIHce. Poster presenters are expected to attend AIHce. You will be assigned a session time during which you are expected to stand by your poster and talk about it and your work with anyone who stops by. Poster presenters are responsible for their own registration and travel costs for the conference, but students are eligible to register at a discounted rate

Poster Awards

The digital versions of student posters will be reviewed prior to AIHce by AIHA’s technical committees in consideration for committee awards. Winners will be determined prior to AIHce and recognition will take place at the conference.

Submission Process and Guidelines

The deadline for submitting proposals is Friday, March 31, 2017 at 11:59 PM Eastern.

  1. Secure faculty approval to submit a poster proposal.
  2. The actual application must be submitted online through our online portal; download a worksheet that allows you to prepare your responses offline and then copy and paste them into the online form.
  3. Notifications of acceptance or denial will be sent out in mid-April.
  4. If your poster is accepted, you must submit both a digital file as well as a hard copy that will be displayed in the poster area at AIHce. (The digital file is typically the same one used to print the hard copy.)
  5. Print and ship your poster or bring it with you or send it to a local printer in Seattle (there is a FedEx office center located on the lower level of the convention center). Students whose posters are accepted are expected to attend AIHce and to be present during their appointed poster session.


Contact Kathryn Christoe at or 703-846-0753.