*New* Laboratory Testing Track

The Laboratory Testing Track at AIHce is a selection of education courses and sessions developed for laboratory personnel and persons interested in improving their knowledge of laboratory testing and analysis.

Monday, June 5

  • B6: Biological Monitoring Methods
  • C4: Sampling, Analytical Methodology and Testing, Part 1
  • D4: Sampling, Analytical Methodology and Testing, Part 2

Tuesday, June 6

  • E15: Operational and Strategic Planning in Laboratories, Part 1
  • F10: Lead, Legionella, and Disinfectant By-Products in the Flint Water Crisis
  • F15: Operational and Strategic Planning in Laboratories, Part 2
  • G9: Current Advances in Sampling Methods
  • G15: Operational and Strategic Planning in Laboratories, Part 3
  • H15: Operational and Strategic Planning in Laboratories, Part 4

Wednesday, June 7

  • I3: International Laboratory Standards of Practice
  • I13: Measuring Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) Exposures
  • J6: Allergenic Biomolecules in Workplace and Home Environments
  • K10: Nanoparticle and Diffusive Sampling

Professional Development Courses

The following PDCs are also suggested for those attendees looking for a more hands-on and in-depth experience in various topics that pertain to laboratory testing. PDCs require a separate registration and fee. Courses can be a half day, one day, or two days in length; see course description for full details and requirements.


    Suggested PDCs - June 3


      PDC 103: Practical Applications of Useful OEHS Equations

      PDC 105: Strengthening EHS Leadership and Teamwork

      PDC 107:Exposure Judgment: Improving Inhalation Assessments

      PDC 108: Laboratory Hood and Exhaust Ventilation: Ensure You Are Prepared to Help Design, Select, Operate and Manage Different Systems

      PDC 109: An IH Introduction to Environmental Rules & Regulations

      PDC 110: Noise Exposure Assessment: Sampling Strategy & Data Acquisition

      PDC 111: Theory and Application of the 4 Gas/PID Sensor Technology

      PDC 205: Redbook Overview: Guidelines for Hazard Evaluation Procedures

      PDC 302: Implementing a Water Management Plan to Control Legionella in Building Water Systems

      PDC 303: Death To Death By Powerpoint: Highly Effective Training Through Storytelling

      PDC 304: Comparative Ethics


      Suggested PDCs - June 4


        PDC 404: Methods and Applications for Chemical Detection in Real Time

        PDC 406: 8 Ways to Improve Your Workplace Injury Prevention & Management IQ

        PDC 408: Tools for Compliance with the OSHA Silica Standard

        PDC 502: Nanotechnology: Old Theories and New Concepts

        PDC 601: How to Assess and Manage Nanomaterial Risks

        PDC 602: Exposure Monitoring for VOCs, Utilizing Thermal Desorption Tubes, Both Passively and Actively

        PDC 603: Scanning for Safety: How to Recognize Hazards


        Suggested PDCs - June 8


          PDC 801: Risk Assessment Boot Camp for IHs: Asbestos, Silica, Metals & Organic Compounds

          PDC 805: Practical Application of Whole Air Sampling

          PDC 901: Practical Approaches to Troubleshooting Common Ventilation Complaints and Problems

          PDC 902: Risk Assessment During An Incident Response