PAL Program


​In an effort to welcome first-time attendees and students to AIHce EXP, we are bringing back the highly successful PAL (Personal AIHce EXP Liaison) Program. This program allows new professional AIHce EXP attendees and students “First Timers ” to be matched with seasoned AIHce EXP attendees “PALs”. The goal is to help our First Timers network with fellow professionals and provide a better overall conference experience.


“The PAL Program is an excellent opportunity for first time attendees to have their own personal AIHce EXP tour guide and to become oriented with the ins and outs of the conference.” –Freeman Krieger, Volt Contract Services, Decatur, AL

PAL engagements include:

• Connect with each other at least once before AIHce EXP via e-mail or phone.


• Meet with one another at least once at the conference (coffee, a drink, or attend the First Time Orientation Session with them on Monday morning; whatever you prefer).


• Help the First Timer navigate the conference by suggesting sessions and events to attend, as well as helping network by introducing him or her to some of your colleagues.


First Timers will be matched with a PAL based on academic and/or professional area of employment (as selected during registration) and work location.

Register as a PAL

Sign up to participate in the PAL Program when you register for the conference. Beginning in early May, AIHce EXP staff will email you about your match.

Here are some tips to remember as a mentor:

 Put yourself in the other person’s shoes, make it personal. Owning a personal investment in your PAL’s success is the first step. Try and remember what you felt like at the start of career, what you wish people had told you or how you wish you had been advised?

• Be open! As a mentor you have to be willing to share your thoughts and experiences with your PAL.

• Be positive! With any career and any industry there are aspects that are good and bad, but focus on the good! Positively is important to people who may be frustrated or experiencing questions at the start of their career. Also enthusiasm is contagious so spread it around.

• Encourage professional development. This applies to professionals across all stages of their career. Continued development is very important and you should stress this with your PAL, you can also talk about the steps you’re taking for your own professional development.