AIHce EXP Social

AIHce Social
Sunday, June 4, 2017
7:00 – 9:00 PM
Grand Ballroom A-D, Seattle Sheraton Hotel

Sponsored by Chemwatch

Back by overwhelmingly popular demand, the AIHce EXP Social kicks off this year’s conference with food, drinks, live music, and fun.


Remember some of these handy tips for networking: 

  • Don’t try to meet everyone. Set a goal for yourself, for example: “I want to meet three or four new people tonight.” This way you can actually take the time to interact longer with those you do speak with and you’ll also be able to just go with the flow of the evening and have fun.
  • Mix it up! Don’t just stick to the people you already know. AIHce EXP is a great opportunity to meet new people – so why not start the very first day with a cocktail in hand?
  • Don’t make the conversation all business. This event is a social event, after all! When introducing yourself to someone new or even catching up with an old colleague, don’t slide into the habit of talking about work right away. Relax and take the opportunity to enjoy being you.
  • Use your network. The best people to help you meet new people are your friends because you are already comfortable with them and they may know someone you don’t. The Social is supposed to be fun and friendly, not stuffy and serious, so let your hair down and get to know your fellow attendees with your friends!