AIHce Sample Agendas by Career Levels

Whether you're attending your first AIHce or you've been coming for a decade or more, our annual conference can at times seem overwhelming with all the choices presented. To provide you some guidance, we've asked some of our in-house IH Heroes to give us an idea of what they were planning on doing this year. We've broken their suggestions into four career level-specific agendas to give you a starting point in organizing your own conference schedule.

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Sample schedule for students and interns

Jordan is excited to attend her very first AIHce! Her goals for this conference are centered on networking and augmenting her knowledge base as she prepares for graduate school. She is also interested in making professional connections that will hopefully blossom into a mentoring relationship as she looks to develop her career pathway.

Sample schedule for early career professionals

Even after four previous conferences, Marcus still considers himself a relative newcomer to the AIHce experience. His conference goals for 2017 include networking, but he also wants to expand his knowledge with topics that are considered "on the fringe" of his current area of experience. He is also preparing to take his CIH test and is looking for a mentor that could help open up career options once he passes the exam.

Sample schedule for professionals

Rebecca's obsessed with technology and working with data to help solve problems in the health arena. Her conference goals are twofold: gain some critical knowledge about teambuilding and leadership, and find out the latest in technology and research within her field of experience. She's especially looking forward to wandering the Expo Hall and talking with vendors about their latest and greatest.

Sample schedule for senior professionals

Just because Stephen's retired from the profession doesn't mean he's not involved. Not one to remain idle, Stephen is quite active in legislative activity; his main conference goal is to stay abreast of the latest initiatives happening at the strategic level. He also loves sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge with the next generation and will continue as a PAL participant and mentor for the conference.

See Stephen's proposed agenda.